joi, 18 decembrie 2008

Val Kilmer

Un actor excelent cu o vasta colectie de filme. Cele mai fascinante filme care mi-au atras atentia sunt The Saint [1997], Spartan [2004], The Salton Sea [2002] (very touching), Red Planet [200]...etc

duminică, 7 decembrie 2008


Ehee..ce-am gasit la cursuri, cateva imagini de hairstyle din anii '80. O frumusete.

vineri, 17 octombrie 2008

Old Newspapers

Ehe...le-am primit de la o profesoara draga, acu' o luna. Si vreau sa spun ca sunt intr-o stare excelenta. Conform datilor de pe ele, ziarele The Sunday Telegraph si The New York Times, dateaza din '93/'94.

luni, 13 octombrie 2008

Go West - Innocence

Maybe it’s the wrong time

But when is the right time to say I lied ?

I’ve been keeping secrets

Could this be the last time we say goodbye ?

(Here we are…)

Eye to eye…no conversation

You know what I’m going to say

Eye to eye it’s a sad situation

Girl…have I thrown it away ?

I was missing you, missing you

I needed someone to comfort me

When you closed the door baby

How could I know that I still had the key ?

Your love…never thought that I would lose it

My love…won’t you tell me what it takes to prove it ?

All I want is your love

It’s all up to you girl

I just couldn’t keep it to myse

lf She was nothing to me

And you know in your heart

marți, 26 august 2008

Reaching for Something

Rick Savage ,Sav'


I give you my love from the sky above
To where I wonder, where I call
Cause after your touch, you know I felt so much
To you is it any wonder why I fall

Cause when you hold me
I'm Candy in your hands
It may not mean that much to you
But it means the world to me
And God knows , ain't ever letting go
I'm candy in your hands

When the day is old and the night is cold
I will run to you I won't hide
Cause if you could see Just what you mean to me
There is nothing left inside

Chorus (x1)

It doesn't matter where you go
I will follow, I will show
All the strength that you will need
Take me inside, let you, let me


Never letting go
I'm candy in your hands

miercuri, 16 iulie 2008

Flowers Again

Passionate RedFlawless PinkTiny Bells ,,The Children'' are sleeping
,,The Children'' are awake